November 9, 2007

Wow, I’m number 3! Shane sent me an email this morning. The P’Town Murders was listed third in the Amazon category rankings of Gay and Lesbian Mysteries and number 41 in Gay and Lesbian Fiction. That was a wonderful surprise! I felt a jolt of excitement that’s long been missing in my life. Of course, I forwarded the note to everyone I knew without realizing that by the time they clicked on the link the book would probably no longer be in the number 3 position. Oh, well! Carpe diem.

The day’s surprises weren’t over, however. I was also thrilled (maybe even more so) to learn that P’Town has been nominated for a Lambda Award from the Lambda Literary Foundation in the Men’s Mystery category. That’s the gay Pulitzer Prize! And guess where the event will be held next year? LA! West Hollywood! More smog.

Carlos Mock was also nominated in the same category for Mosaic Virus (he’ll spend the next six months hating me, I know.) Fortunately, he’s also nominated in the Fiction category for his second novel, Papi Chulo, both from Floricanto Press. I also see that Michael Thomas Ford (Mike!) has been nominated under Romance for his latest, Changing Tides. I guess the Authors’ Village will recreate itself sooner than expected, and far more frequently than Brigadoon.

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