Let's face it -- writer's don't make a lot money. On the other hand, I agree wholeheartedly with that line in Babette's Feast, "An artist is never poor." Having friends and an amour who enjoys food as much as I do helps too. My friends are always inviting me out for dinner (or inviting themselves in for dinner -- it's all good when you have a grand garden and a BBQ on the back porch.)

It also helps to date someone who appreciates your culinary skills, so when my beau shows up at the door with a bag of goodies and says, "Can you cook these?", plunking down two lobsters, or asks, "Can you make Key Lime Pie?" or "Mango Surprise?" or "Cassava Cake?" (a sweetie with a sweet tooth), I take it as a challenge. Fortunately, it's one I'm up to facing.


What do writers do on their days off? I don't know, I don't get any. But what I often do between writing sessions is indulge in the rewards of other artistic disciplines. Today, for instance, I accepted an invitation to the McMichael Art Gallery in Kleinberg Ontario with actor Geordie Johnson to share his passion for the works of Fredericton-born painter Mary Pratt.

Mary's work is a careful study of ordinary-seeming objects, often in domestic settings. Food dominates her paintings, with a special emphasis on reflective surfaces--tin foil, saran wrap, glass--used in the preparation and presentation of the subjects. Mary's seemingly off-the-cuff remarks penned beside the works give keen insight into their inspiration and possible interpretation, such as her note about having lost twins in pregnancy not long before creating an eerie but innocent-looking painting of egg shells in their carton.

In addition, the McMichael is the adopted site of Tom Thomson's "shack", as it is called today, a wooden cabin where he lived and worked up until his death in 1917.

Although it's not open to public viewing, you can peer through the windows to see the recreation of his studio.


Wow--it's been a busy spring! February saw the long-awaited release of Vanished In Vallarta, third in the Bradford Fairfax comic mystery series. For fans of Brad and Zach, I can tell you that the fourth book, Bon Ton Roulez, has been finished for some time, while a fifth book, Havana Club (a prequel to the series) is in the works. Look for both of those over the next two years, with additional books set in Palm Springs, San Francisco and Toronto to follow.

As well, March saw the publication of Pumpkin Eater, sequel to my Lambda Award-winning Lake On The Mountain, and second in the Dan Sharp series. If Bradford Fairfax is the happy me then Dan Sharp is the dark side of my personality. I an currently editing the third book, The Jade Butterfly, scheduled for a spring 2015 release. The fourth book, After The Horses, is also in the works. 

I hope that's enough reading for you! Oh, and by the way, I'd love to hear from people who enjoy my books, so drop me a line or find me on Facebook.


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