Apr 28

F-U-N. That's a word I haven't used in a while. Today I even had some, modelling for Toronto arts scene photographer, David Hawe, for an upcoming issue of Xtra! Xtra!'s new managing editor, the charming Marcus McCann, was on hand to make sure we didn't get too carried away while I posed for the article on my symbiotic existence with sexy super-sleuth, Bradford Fairfax. For those who don't know, Brad is currently preparing for his upcoming adventure, Vanished In Vallarta, due out in June.

Apr 12

What's better than a short mediocre review in the New York Times? A great, full-page review in the Literary Review of Canada. I'll be sure to post the link to Steven Hayward's review of The Honey Locust, "Battles Foreign and Familial", when it comes on-line!

Apr 5

News flash! I'd heard that the normally genteel and diplomatic Canadian mystery writer, Anthony Bidulka, author of the Russell Quant mystery series, has been writing about me in his blog. The very idea brought me to my knees in despair! How could I have sunk so low that a nice guy like Anthony would gossip about me? So I checked out his site, and there it was in black and white, and a few other colours, for everyone to see. And so can you: http://anthonybidulka.com/blog/. But then again, if it's all true, does it qualify as gossip?


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