Here's looking forward to another great year!

My 2012 was rounded out by two trips to Havana, the first in January and then again this December. Both trips spawned book ideas, as well as articles on the lamentable state of LGBT rights in Cuba and on the country's outstanding success with its literacy drive. Fans of Bradford Fairfax will be pleased to know there is a series prequel in the works that has the intrepid Brad traveling to Havana. I've also been working on a literary novel that takes place during the Cuban revolution. Last month I visited several historic sites that feature large in both books, including the stunning Hotel Nacional de Cuba, now a World Heritage site, set on Taganana Hill overlooking the Malecon.

In November, I was in Palm Springs following a fun- and adventure-filled drive down the coast from San Francisco (yes, I was there the night the Giants won the World Series, in case you're a fan), where I was a featured writer at the Authors' Village during PS Pride. A great event!

Earlier in the fall, I learned from my new publisher that my first Dan Sharp mystery, Lake On The Mountain, was consistently one of Dundurn's top-selling ebooks. Thanks to those of you who made that happen! And just a reminder that Dan Sharp will return in Pumpkin Eater in spring 2014.

Last year I also had the pleasure of being a featured blogger on Unvailed.com, a site dedicated to the pursuit of ideas and the unfettered imagination. I hope to continue contributing to the site in future.

And finally, I just heard that a poem I wrote about the James Dean film Rebel Without A Cause has been selected for an upcoming collection entitled I Found It At The Movies, to be edited by Ruth Roach Pierson and published by Guernica Editions.


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