Oct 20, 2011

Fans of Don Shebib’s 1970 Canadian classic, Goin’ Down The Road, are in for a surprise of the pleasant variety. If, like me, you’ve been saying “They don’t make Canadian films like that any more,” then you will be thrilled to see Down The Road Again, as Shebib and a good number of the original cast revisit the story and give it an update truly worthy of its predecessor. Join Jayne Eastwood, the late-Cayle Chernin, Doug McGrath, and some talented newcomers for a return voyage in that unforgettable 1960 Chevy. You will love it.

Oct 10, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! I've neglected my blog so long I couldn't recall the password. That's because I've been completing a new book. As I feel myself nearing the finishing line, it demands more and more time and attention. (Note to potential suitors: never marry a writer unless you like a lot of alone time.) In this case, I've been completing a second draft, not the final product. I put it to rest this morning. No doubt there'll be plenty of time to lose myself in a new draft quite soon.


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