June 5, 2008

To reward myself for a lot of hard work and having received payment on two book contracts (like I needed an excuse!), I took Shane to see Cyndi Lauper and her True Colors LGBT Equality Tour last night. Sheesh! I’ve never seen so many old boyfriends gathered together in one place! And who knew there are so many people running around with all the words to B-52 songs in their heads? It was a great four-and-half-hours (true!) Rosie O’Donnell was terrific, both as a comic and as a stand-in drummer for Cyndi (she danced, even!) The B-52s look and sound pretty much the same as they did 30 years ago. (I can remember the first time I heard She Came From Planet Clare, and they’re still the only rock group I know with coloratura riffs in their songs.) And Lauper’s still an adorable waif with the wickedest Boston accent you’ve evah hoid! It was a blast! But judging by some of those retro-80s fashionistas last night, we probably didn’t look as great back then as we thought we did, with our asymmetrical haircuts and wearing those day-glo colours.

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